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A New Way to Assess Compete with Oneself

In 1954, Roger Bannister became the first man in history to run what was thought to be the humanly impossible sub-four minute mile. That same year after Roger made the world record,16 others did it.
Competition with others follows competition with oneself. Competition with oneself is a more powerful ethic on which 21st century education needs to be based.
At a certain moment in history, education must also act as a powerful instrument of profound social transformation.
Competition with oneself creates greater excellence for the individual and society than competition with others. It creates leaders, not just followers.
Most assessments compare a student with others. Even qualitative assessments, such as portfolios, allocate marks or grades. Invariably, students compare their marks and grades with each other.
Even the most progressive of the assessments, the diagnostic evaluations, for example, provide personal diagnostics information along with comparisons in the form of percentile scores. GEMS Dynamic Assessments, on the other hand, avoid such comparisons as the focus is improvement and progress which are best achieved when a child competes with him / herself!
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