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3 Models of Effectiveness
When Progress Is T he Goal!

Intervention Model A
Intervention Model A: Benchmark Survey (A1) + Progress Appraisal Survey (A2)
AI (Conduct Now or ASAP)
A Benchmark Diagnostic survey provides instant diagnostic & formative reports. No OMR sheets. Reports in 10 days or less.
Smart Study Plans / Go-GREEN Strategies for students and teachers provide a roadmap and strategies for improvement.
A Principal’s report provides visually section-wise strengths by topic.
A2 (Conduct About 8 Weeks After A1 and after following a Process of Perfection)
After following a process of perfection given in the go-green strategies, about 8 weeks after the Benchmark Survey, or when the class is ready, a Progress Appraisal Survey is conducted. This provides feedback on progress made by topic and overall by every student. It also shows any remaining areas of difficulty.
Everyone celebrates progress!
Integral Model A
Integral Model B: Intervention Model A + Perbooks
In addition to the Go-GREEN Strategies provided in the Intervention Model A, students get a Personalised set of largely self-study text cum workbooks called Perbooks: Perfect Yourself!
These fit like a glove every child’s personal diagnosis. The computer makes a smart study plan for each child
along with a personal selection of Perbooks in two priority groupings. This highly personalised study programme
follows every child’s diagnosis. It is very effective in remedial and enrichment work for all children in a class without
classifying them.
This answers the question: “What do we do after we get a diagnostic report?”
Inspire Model C Whole Year
iNSPIRE Whole School Model C = Integral Model B +Training & Certificates + Optional Programmes
An Effective Systems Approach mainstreams diagnostic and formative reporting. Cycles of benchmark and
progress appraisal surveys are conducted 2 or 3 times a year as part of regular school assessments. Teacher
training and certificates for both students and teachers are integrated.
Several optional components with this programme include:
Mathematics Hands-on assessments, maths buckets and / or lab, real-time assessments using voting devices and training in hands-on methods.
English Assessment of Listening / Speaking Skills, Training in interactive methods of teaching English, etc.
3 Year Contract
Re-Imagine Assessments
Dynamic Assessments & Study Solutions
when progress is the goak...
Perbooks Perfect Yourself!
Personalised Study Materials
Target Plus Mocks & Assessments
that form, not just inform...
Re-Imagine Study Materials
Maxim Classbooks
Student Friendly Textbooks
Sure Success
When every mark matters!
Re-Imagine Schools
Nurture School Affiliate
Next Gen School
Character Counts!
Spoken English, Personality Development and
Moral Education Combined
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