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GEMS Innovate Reading Programme

Gems Reading Programme
Short storybooks, abridged versions of carefully selected classics and other well written books are introduced to form a class library in each section of every class. The programme aims at developing a love for literature and enhances a child's ability to express, speak and write. Children learn to appreciate written text, observe variety in writing styles, learn to express thought and emotion, learn about cultures, link to real life and appreciate abstract concepts.
My Reading Log
‘My Reading Log' is a mini notebook especially made for keeping a record of a student’s personal reading. In this mini notebook the children keep a log of the number of pages of a storybook read each night and on weekends.
The children write down the name of the book, its author's name, interesting words found and their meaning, and other remarkable observations they make about each book. Two periods are often block scheduled on each Monday for the Reading Programme.
The teachers start by collecting all the mini logs after which new books are allocated as needed followed by ‘quiet’ reading time and more. Many classrooms also play soft classical music in the background.
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