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GEMS Emprowers Like Never Before!

By benchmarking a student’s starting point, we make him / her an effective partner in the learning process, build intrinsic motivation to succeed and provide the tools to do so.  
The survey ensures that the weakest child in a class has some GREEN and BLUE and the best child in a subject has some RED.
With diagnostic feedback, both remedial and enrichment work is streamlined and the children are not classified.
Every child works with his / her personal strengths and weaknesses.  
The focus becomes progress against one’s own self.  
With such a feedback, both parents and students become better informed partners in the learning process.  
No need to tell your parents your child is weak. Instead, point out exact areas in which a child needs to improve. When a child’s strengths are highlighted, it becomes a propelling force for future improvement.
iNSPIRE focusses on preserving the self-esteem of every child and to ensure that every child feels special!
Much valuable information for the teacher is collected through the GEMS Benchmark and Progress Appraisal Surveys.  
The results from these help a teacher to make informed class strategy.
Instead of telling parents your child is weak year after year, teachers can pinpoint exact areas of strengths and weaknesses of each child.
Parents greatly appreciate the work put in by the teacher to provide personalised feedback on each child.  
The Assessments offer standardisation while freeing up teacher time in making worksheets and assessments, presently in the core subjects of English, Mathematics and Hindi.  
The teacher, the taught and the parents thereby become better informed and effective partners in the teaching / learning process.  
Parents greatly appreciate the reports and the process of perfection.  
Adds volumes to a school’s image. Improves dramatically both retention and admissions in the classes in which the programme is used.  
WHY Compete With Yourself?
There is a new dynamic in education, the GEMS “Dynamic” based on the new premise of “Compete with yourself!”
As history has shown, competition with oneself creates far more successes for the individual and society. Those who broke sports records or invented things, they competed with themselves, not others. Indeed, competition with oneself is a more powerful ethic in education than competition with others. The Global Education Model of Schooling (GEMS) assessments and products are based entirely on the premise of competition with oneself! The results are apparent at all the schools that have adopted these new methods, materials and assessments.
Try out in one class or section and witness the difference for yourself!
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