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Comments of Principals
“After the GEMS Programme was introduced at CMS for the Primary Classes 1-V, we saw a tremendous shift in our Primary on-roll, that is, the additional students sitting in our classes in 2005 versus 2004 went up from 15% to 26% in Primary (as a percentage of all ‘extra’ seats filled across all classes). This share went up to 52% in Primary by 2006 and to 70% in 2007! In effect, our parents endorsed in large numbers the GEMS Programme each year of its implementation.”
Comments of Dr Mrs Bharti Gandhi
Dr Mrs Bharti Gandhi, Founder-Director, CMS City Montessori School, Lucknow , where over 20,000 students in Classes I - V have participated in a multi-year implementation along with over 40,000 students in a nationwide trial.
“The Baseline Survey provided a new slant to the process of assessing a child's abilities and when taken along with the "Progress Reports" the results have been distinctly positive.
The graphical representation of results has helped plot every child's personal achievement.”
Nirmala Rebello
Principal (Secondary School)
Sharada Mandir School, Goa
Eunice De Sa
Principal (Junior School)
Sharada Mandir School, Goa
Comments of Teachers
“GEMS materials introduced in this current session have made a tremendous change in [children's] understanding of topics.”
“They are self-explanatory; the topics are made clear step-wise and thus creates interest in the child and promotes self-study and competition with oneself.”
“GEMS Individualized Student Analysis gives feedback about the child's understanding of a concept and the areas that need more practice and attention.”
“Parents are more confident and satisfied with the new and innovative method adopted by the school.” “Children were very enthusiastic while attempting the questions in the PerBOOKS.”
“GEMS has not only helped the children but it has also been very helpful for the teachers. Results of Baseline Surveys have helped us to plan and formulate our curriculum more effectively. Through these results, the teacher can know the strengths and weaknesses of her students in that particular topic.”
Comments of Parents
By doing GEMS Perbooks, children have learnt time management, i.e., doing more work in a limited span of time.
Individualized Analysis makes parents realize the personal attention given to their child by the school.
Parents are more confident and satisfied with the new and innovative method adopted by the school.
GEMS Individualized Student Analysis gives a feedback about the child's understanding of the concept and the areas that need more practice and attention.
In a nutshell, the GEMS workbooks and methods have helped both the student and the teacher in increasing their knowledge in that particular subject.
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