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Combined Textbook

Part A Combined Textbook / Workbook / Teacher Guide
In ‘ My Index of Completed Work’, children keep a track of their effort. It helps the students, teachers and parents differentiate between those topics that a child found easy or difficult. It further provides opportunity for planning and goal-setting.
Each topic has Compulsory and Optional Modules. A student will find s/he can move faster with some topics versus others.
Demos at the beginning of each module make lessons easier to understand.
Colour coded theory is integrated as ready reference.
Notes and warm-up exercises make a lesson come alive for the student.
Combined Hindi
Hindi Literature and Language
Combined English
English Literature and Language
with focus on Communicative / Spoken English. This Classbook should be supplemented with reading materials and literature that goes beyond short pieces, such as study of the classics and their abridged versions.
Combined Mathematics
Theory Is Presented In Student-friendly Formats With Easy To Understand Colour Codes.
Time Guidelines Help Build Speed And Accuracy..
PART B Continuous Evaluation and Solutions*
For Class Use
A Separate Solutions Booklet Provides
Continuous Evaluation Sheets; and,
Solutions to all questions in Part A above.
How to Use?
Teachers collect and keep all the solutions booklets at school and use them when needed for peer or self corrections by the students and for continuous evaluation / on-going diagnosis. This way, any remaining difficulties a class has in a topic are ironed out instantly before a teacher moves on to the next topic.
Allows For the Teacher
Instant feedback
Peer checking / self checking
Interaction teaching and learning
Assessment for learning, not judgement
Double check for the teacher (helps reduce teacher correction work)
Provides For the Parent
Support for the parent / teacher
Alternative to tuition
Re-Imagine Assessments
Dynamic Assessments & Study Solutions
when progress is the goak...
Perbooks Perfect Yourself!
Personalised Study Materials
Target Plus Mocks & Assessments
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Re-Imagine Study Materials
Maxim Classbooks
Student Friendly Textbooks
Sure Success
When every mark matters!
Re-Imagine Schools
Nurture School Affiliate
Next Gen School
Character Counts!
Spoken English, Personality Development and
Moral Education Combined
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