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Buckets for the Whole Class

With or without a mathematics lab, you can have every child work with hands-on mathematics in their own classrooms. With the help of GEMS hands-on buckets each chapter is introduced first with hands-on experiments. The materials in each bucket are enough in quantity to cover every child in a class.
Hands-on means to touch and feel mathematical operations and experiments with a variety of manipulatives like cups and beans, tiles, unfix cubes, paper plates, measuring tapes, abacuses, tangrams, ice cream sticks, buttons with hundred boards and much more – the list is endless. Conceptual understanding grows with the use of each manipulative. Children discover facts using their own experiments and observations.
The concept of buckets is fully integrated with teaching of concepts in the MAXIM Classbooks and in the Nurture Affiliate Programme.
Teachers find it easy to undertake and follow the step wise instructions provided even if they have never done hands-on exercises with their class before.
It is cost effective compared to a maths lab and far more effective.
Additional training clarifies, encourages, gives confidence, motivates and inspires!
Let the children repeat steps and discover hands-on facts by themselves.
Relate back to theory on paper and show them how hands-on is linked to actual working in numbers.
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