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Accelerated Learning
A Four Part Introduction to Every Concept

Teacher Page Each chapter begins with a Teacher Page. On this page, a number of ideas for dramatic presentation are given, to which teachers add their own. It serves as a reminder to the teacher that each topic should be introduced first in a dramatic way through hands-on, interactive and experiential activities that engage a child’s multiple-intelligences, especially the use of kinesthetic learning. The more dramatic a presentation, the more likely that a lesson will be remembered!
Any teacher can pick up and just start using the simple step wise guidelines, even those teachers who have never presented in creative ways before. For the creative teachers, the Teacher Pages provide much fodder to their creativity.
Visual Presentation Next, the children go over a visual presentation of a topic with the entire class participating along with some verbal discussion about what they see on this page, or act out what they see. This visual page presents a summary of the entire chapter visually, on one page! This tremendously aids a child’s visual understanding. It makes her think the task is easy. GEMS address motivation and takes into account the psychology of the child and the taught, to make the tasks appears easy.
Use of Visual Intelligence
Poetry Poetry and songs are read aloud with the entire class participating and commenting on its pattern. For example, verbs are highlighted in a poetry. As poetry is a pattern on which we superimpose the pattern of verbs, this makes logical connections in a child’s mind. Such a process engages a child’s logical-mathematical intelligence, besides verbal-linguistic.
Use of Mathematical Intelligence
Prose Next, the children skim read and quickly highlight all the verbs they can find in the prose. Time limits are provided, for example, two minutes for a short piece. Ask the children to treasure hunt for and underline with a pencil all the verbs that they can find as they read the passage quickly to themselves. This provides practice in skim reading. Children discover patterns in the use of English, for example, how verbs are used in written text.
Use of Verbal & Mathematical Intelligences
Sorting, classifying, cut and paste activities using Bloom Taxonomy right inside the MAXIM ClassBOOKS. They further ensure that learning is real and children have much fun working with these activities at school or at home.
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